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LeafFilter review 2024

LeafFilter is our #1 choice for gutter guards.
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Few gutter guard brands are as popular as LeafFilter. This provider offers a 275-micron micro-mesh stainless steel screen and claims its guard blocks even small particles, such as shingle grit and pollen.

To discover whether LeafFilter lives up to the hype of being one of the best gutter guard providers, we tested its gutter guards on a LeafFilter-provided floor model of a gutter system. We used real debris to simulate what you may encounter at your home. We also surveyed LeafFilter customers and combed through hundreds of reviews. This provider has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and positive responses across independent review sites. 

While many customers are happy with LeafFilter, critical LeafFilter reviews note its high prices and aggressive sales tactics. Below, we’ll break down our testing process and findings to help you decide whether LeafFilter is the best gutter guard you can buy.

LeafFilter is a durable and easy-to-maintain micro-mesh gutter guard.
  • Protection against most debris types
  • Highly durable micro-mesh structure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not completely maintenance-free
  • Persistent sales tactics according to customer reviews
  • High initial cost

Our thoughts on LeafFilter gutter guards 

LeafFilter scored higher than any other professional gutter guard or DIY brand with 4.7 out of 5 stars in our rating system. We evaluate each gutter guard company based on its services, pricing, gutter guard design and functionality, installation process, communication methods, warranty and reviews.

LeafFilter scored highly in almost all categories but lost points due to its high prices. We physically tested LeafFilter to evaluate the functionality of its gutter guards. This testing was possible because LeafFilter provided us with a floor model of its gutter guard.

What we like

LeafFilter’s product proved effective during our testing process. This quality was reflected in its overall positive customer reviews, its breadth of services and its lifetime, transferable warranty. 

During our testing process, LeafFilter blocked the majority of the debris we used to simulate gutter performance, including tree leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, seedpods and twigs. We applied water at varying intensities to simulate rainfall and test its filtration. We noted how much water the system could filter before overflowing and checked the filter to see if any debris remained on top or had entered the system. 

We cleaned the system by pouring more water directly on the debris and using a soft bristle brush to remove any remaining materials. 

We found that LeafFilter’s filtration, durability and cleanability met expectations. It kept out almost all debris while allowing efficient water passage. 

Leaf filter gutter with leaves in it
LeafFilter gutter guard on model roof collects leaves and debris while water filters through during test. James Kiefer, Homefront

At the time of writing, LeafFilter has overall positive reviews on the BBB and Trustpilot. Our survey results match customer sentiment. We surveyed just under 200 LeafFilter customers, and only two reported dissatisfaction with its performance. We noted consistent themes across our survey and customer reviews: Many customers reported skilled and professional gutter repair, installation and cleaning service. 

We reviewed LeafFilter’s warranty and found it fair and reasonable. It lasts for the life of your home and is fully transferable. It promises to fully replace or refund you the material purchase price if your gutters ever clog with debris and overflow. Although there are terms and conditions, it is one of the more generous warranties offered by gutter guard companies. 

What we don’t like

LeafFilter’s quality guard comes with a high price tag. Customer reviews also indicate aggressive sales tactics. Note that LeafFilter, like most gutter guard companies, doesn’t list pricing information on its website and requires an at-home inspection before offering a free quote. 

To find price data, we surveyed 1,500 customers of five national gutter guard brands. According to our survey results, the average price for a 200-linear-foot gutter guard system from LeafFilter is nearly $4,500. This price was higher than the average of every other brand we surveyed. Some customers report prices far exceeding this average.

The final issue we found with LeafFilter is its advertising is slightly misleading. Its promotional material implies that you’ll never need to clean your gutter system again after the installation of its guards. While LeafFilter reduces the difficulty and frequency of gutter cleaning, no gutter system can completely remove the need for regular gutter maintenance. 

Compare top gutter guard brands

Micro-mesh gutter guards such as LeafFilter offer the most effective filtration system. Gutter companies such as All American Gutter Protection and Homecraft Gutter Protection provide micro-mesh gutter guards as well. See how popular gutter guard companies compare in the table below.

Provider BBB Rating Our Rating Average Cost Get Pricing
$4,484 Get Estimate
$3,546 Get Estimate
$3,699 Get Estimate
$3,624 Get Estimate
$4,014 Get Estimate
Provider BBB Rating Our Rating Average Cost Get Pricing
$4,484 Get Estimate
$3,546 Get Estimate
$3,699 Get Estimate
$3,624 Get Estimate
$4,014 Get Estimate
Average costs are based on our October 2023 survey of 865 homeowners for a home that requires 200 linear square feet of gutter guards.

LeafFilter gutter guard type

LeafFilter sells one type of gutter cover: its 275-micron stainless steel micro-mesh guard. This guard uses a sealed system with an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) frame, a supporting substructure and hidden hangers that connect directly to your home’s fascia. 

During our test of the LeafFilter system, only tiny dirt particles were able to get through the mesh screen. Shingle grit, leaves, pine needles and all other plant matter didn’t pass through the screen. Water passed through consistently, with overflows only occurring during heavy water application. 

LeafFilter’s reinforcing substructure proved durable, and debris slid off easily when we applied water or light brushing to the surface of the guards. 

Our survey results confirm our testing findings. Respondents were asked about the guard’s ability to filter out debris, and only one customer expressed dissatisfaction with its ability to prevent debris buildup. 

We find that LeafFilter gutter guards are usable in almost all climates and locations. Homeowners with large amounts of nearby foliage, especially deciduous and evergreen trees, will benefit from these guards. 

Like most micro-mesh guards, it can overflow in heavy downpours and freeze during harsh winters. If you live in a wet climate or experience cold winters, consider investing in extra wide gutters (6 inches or larger) or adding heating elements, such as heat tape, to compensate for these issues. 


According to our survey data, the average cost for a 200-foot LeafFilter gutter guard is $4,484, or about $22 per linear foot. Some customers report higher prices of up to $10,000 or more for 200 linear feet. Gutter and guard installations are measured in linear feet, or the length measured in a straight line. 

This price is the highest among the companies we’ve surveyed. It is $500 more than the average price for a LeafGuard installation of 200 linear feet and nearly $1,000 more than Gutter Guards America. Some customers, in online reviews and our survey, report prices far exceeding this average. Nine survey respondents claimed to have paid more than $10,000 for their LeafFilter gutter guard installations. 

Factors such as your home’s size and number of stories, total linear feet of guttering, the surrounding landscape and your roof’s pitch contribute to the total cost of your gutter guard system. Schedule an in-person consultation to learn how much LeafFilter would charge to install gutter guards on your home. 

Warranty options

LeafFilter provides a transferable, lifetime warranty that promises to replace your system or refund you “100% of the material purchase price for ALL LeafFilter materials installed on your home” if it ever clogs. This warranty is generous compared to many gutter guard companies that offer “no-clog” guarantees.

LeafFilter’s warranty only extends to its products and does not cover “damage to gutters, fascia boards, or roof substrate or surface caused by the installation of LeafFilter products.” I read the warranty in detail and noted that it becomes void in the following situations:

  • The guards “sustained damage from structural changes, adjacent trees or plant life, or an uncontrollable act of nature.”
  • The guard was “modified or altered from its original installation or any willful action was taken to impede or restrict the flow of water through the gutter system.”
  • An overflow occurred due to an improper number of downspouts. 

Customer thoughts

Customer reviews on sites such as the BBB and Trustpilot are largely positive across thousands of reviews. LeafFilter has a customer review rating of 4 out of 5 stars on the BBB with nearly 6,000 reviews

I read more than 100 recent customer reviews and noted consistent themes: Customers praise LeafFilter’s gutter guard for its effectiveness and employee professionalism. Critical reviews cite LeafFilter’s high cost and occasionally poor installation quality. 

On its Trustpilot page, LeafFilter has more than 120,000 reviews, with 83% of those being 4- to 5-star reviews. This company has more reviews than any other provider we’ve reviewed and is also one of the highest-rated. 

Many reviews mention satisfaction with LeafFilter’s products and services. One review from Rose praised the politeness, knowledge and professionalism of LeafFilter’s salesperson and installers, who were on time and explained the process in detail during installation. Another review I read from Larry noted the installers’ efficiency, attention to detail and problem-solving skills. 

A common theme among more negative reviews is poor scheduling. A review I read from Mark mentioned that they had a morning installation appointment scheduled, but the installers didn’t arrive until 5:30 p.m. Most other complaints focus on LeafFilter’s high price tag and inconsistent job cleanup. Nick, for example, found loose screws around the roof, yard and driveway after the installation. 

How easy are LeafFilter’s gutter guards to maintain and clean?

We found LeafFilter’s guard to be the easiest to clean out of the gutter guards we tested, which included LeafFilter and a number of DIY brands. Its filter and built-in pitch allowed debris to slide off immediately when exposed to water flow. 

We noted that some materials sit on the top when the guard is dry, but they were easily pushed off with a brush or light spraying from a hose. 

Leaves can be brushed off the LeafFilter guard for easy cleaning. James Kiefer, Homefront

We were most impressed with the system’s tight seal. During testing, we attempted to force or wedge small pine needles into the gaps between the frame and the screen and were unable to do so. This tightly locked system means it will be difficult for materials to snag and build up on top of the guards. 

Because the system is completely sealed, you’ll need a LeafFilter technician to repair it if anything goes wrong. For example, if a hailstorm or falling tree limb punctures or dislodges the micro-mesh screen, you shouldn’t attempt to dismantle the product and repair it yourself, as this will void the warranty.   

What is the installation process with LeafFilter?

Working with LeafFilter begins by reaching out over the phone or filling out an online form. You’ll connect with a customer service representative, who will schedule an appointment for an on-site estimate. 

On that day, a LeafFilter salesperson will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your gutter system. This inspection will help the salesperson craft a custom quote for your gutter guard installation. 

LeafFilter’s cost estimate process starts by verifying the type and width of your gutter system to ensure LeafFilter is a good fit. Next, they will measure the length of your gutters from one end to the other to determine total linear feet. Finally, they will inspect your gutter system for any clogged gutters or damage. 

With this information, the sales rep will give you a sales pitch on how the LeafFilter system works, generate a custom quote and negotiate the sale price. One theme we noticed while reading reviews is that customers often needed to haggle on the quoted price. One Trustpilot review from Fred compared the sales experience to shopping for a used car. 

If you reach an agreement on price, the sales representative will schedule a follow-up with the professional installation team. LeafFilter’s website offers thorough supporting materials, including a video that outlines its installation process.

On that date, a local LeafFilter installation crew will come out, clean your existing gutters, repair or replace any damaged sections, and install your new gutter guard system. They will clean any remaining debris, answer your questions and depart. The last step is for you to register your warranty through the LeafFilter website. 

LeafFilter is as effective as it is expensive

After reading more than 100 customer reviews, surveying almost 200 customers and testing its products firsthand, we find LeafFilter to be highly effective. It proved durable and demonstrated excellent filtration during our testing process, and it was a breeze to clean. 

You can get a free estimate from LeafFilter clicking here.

LeafFilter’s high quality comes with an equally steep price tag. Average costs for a 200-foot LeafFilter system reach nearly $4,500, and some customers claim prices more than twice that.

We recommend LeafFilter if you want to invest in long-term gutter protection at a significant cost. Remember that the figures we’ve reported in this review are obtained from customer surveys and may not reflect the cost of your gutter guard system. To find out how much LeafFilter will charge to install gutter guards on your home, schedule a free quote. 

Our rating methodology for gutter companies

To connect consumers with the right gutter protection solutions, we research and rate both professional gutter guard providers and do-it-yourself (DIY) products. Our aim is to provide thorough yet digestible information you need before investing in gutter guards.

We synthesize this information into review standards that focus on key aspects of the gutter guard buying experience and score each company out of 100. This score translates to the 5-star rating you see in our reviews. Professional providers and DIY products require slightly different analysis, which you can read more about in our full methodology.

BBB ratings are accurate as of December 2023.

Editorial note: The name “Homefront” refers to the alliance between USA TODAY and Home Solutions that publishes review, comparison, and informational articles designed to help USA TODAY readers make smarter purchasing and investment decisions about their home. Under the alliance, Homefront provides and publishes research and articles about home service and home improvement topics.

Homefront has an affiliate disclosure policy. The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Homefront editorial staff alone (see About Homefront). Homefront adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is believed to be accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

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