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Renewal by Andersen windows review 2024

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Renewal by Andersen is a popular and distinguished brand in the window replacement industry. It’s highly awarded and well-certified, and we learned why in our analysis of its warranty policy, customer reviews, pricing and service.

They are consistently among the best window brands available.  

The brand’s warranty coverage and commitment to energy efficiency are big pluses. In addition, Renewal by Andersen installs its windows using highly trained in-house installers, which eliminates the need for a third-party installer.

The biggest potential drawback we found was that many customers report long wait times between the consultation and installation date, so Renewal by Andersen might not be the best choice if you need new windows fast. 

Renewal by Andersen offers competitive window quality and an array of customization options.
  • Offers an augmented reality tool that lets you visualize windows in your home
  • Includes a transferable 20-year warranty on glass and a 10-year warranty on nonglass materials
  • Sells several customizable window types
  • Handles financing through a third party
  • Varies warranty coverage by window line
  • Can have long wait times between consultation and installation, according to customer reviews

Our thoughts on Renewal by Andersen

You should know that Renewal by Andersen focuses on door and window replacement. It’s a subsidiary of Andersen Windows & Doors, which focuses on new construction windows. It has the same A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as its parent company and operates nationwide. 

We used our methodology to rate the company on categories such as window options, available frame materials, certifications and warranty details. Renewal by Andersen earned an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars.

What we like

Certifications and awards say a lot about a company, and Renewal by Andersen has many. Its homepage displays its Energy Star Partner of the Year award, National Fenestration Rating Council certification and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification, which signals compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emission requirements. 

The company’s commitment to high-quality windows and doors and environmental sustainability is impressive. Renewal by Andersen windows have the highest SCS Global Services-certified recycled content values for windows, and the brand’s Fibrex material window frames and sashes contain 40% reclaimed wood fiber that comes from Andersen’s wood-window manufacturing process. 

Renewal by Andersen offers seven popular window types with energy efficiency and customization options. Windows are made with high-performance, low-emissivity (low-e) glass designed for your climate, and you can even get triple-pane windows for added energy efficiency. 

Additionally, we like that many of the company’s window options are available at retailers such as Home Depot, so you can get a convenient in-person look without visiting a showroom. You may prefer this over being guided through a showroom by a salesperson.

What we don’t like

Our main fault with the company is the number of online customer reviews echoing long installation timelines. While the company has many positive reviews, those that are negative commonly cite waiting months for installation and problem resolution.

One of our team members had four Renewal by Andersen windows installed in 2022 and reported that it took 10 months from the time of scheduling to the installation date. He also noted that there’s only a 96-hour window for canceling your order if you change your mind — which isn’t helpful if you get tired of waiting and want to try another company. 

Compare top window brands

We rated Renewal by Andersen slightly above leading competitors on window options, customer service availability and warranty coverage. 

Provider Our Rating Glass and Hardware Warranty Labor Warranty Average Project Price Get Started
10–20 years 2 years $11,723 Visit Site
Limited lifetime Limited lifetime $14,223 Visit Site
10–20 years 0 years $12,540 Visit Site
10–20 years 0 years $13,348 Visit Site
Provider Our Rating Glass and Hardware Warranty Labor Warranty Average Project Price Get Started
10–20 years 2 years $11,723 Visit Site
Limited lifetime Limited lifetime $14,223 Visit Site
10–20 years 0 years $12,540 Visit Site
10–20 years 0 years $13,348 Visit Site
No results were found.
Pricing information shown is averaged from our October 2023 survey of 1,500 homeowners who purchased replacement windows for their homes.

Customer thoughts

Renewal by Andersen has hundreds of customer reviews on sites such as BBB and Trustpilot. We read 100 reviews across sites from the past year and found a mix of positive and negative feedback. Positive reviews rave about installers’ professionalism and customer service. 

More than a dozen recent BBB reviews were 5-star reviews praising employees’ communication, friendliness and attention to detail during installation. Pauline left similar praise on Trustpilot, writing that her technician was “[p]rofessional, personable and went out of his way to ensure that I was completely satisfied with everything.” 

Negative reviews point to two main issues. The first is not getting the customizations ordered, such as certain hardware or features. The second is a long wait between scheduling and getting the windows installed. 

Jessica C. wrote on BBB, “We ordered four windows July 8, 2022, and have paid 3/4 of grand total. Our salesperson had given us an estimated delivery of windows between mid-October [and the] beginning of November. We continue to get weekly updates that our windows are still being worked on, but no estimated delivery date. As of March 18, 2023, we have yet to have an estimated date of when the windows will be done, much less installed.”

Our team member noted he had a 10-month wait, though the installation itself was quick. He reported it took eight hours to install four large picture windows and one awning window and that the team cleaned up after themselves and disposed of the old windows. 

What windows does Renewal by Andersen sell? 

Renewal by Andersen sells all seven of its window types under its Acclaim replacement window line. Each window type varies in price and features.

Window lines

Although Renewal by Andersen only offers a single window line, every window it sells can be customized to your specific needs. Through our secret shopping, we found that the Acclaim replacement window line offers up to 11 hardware finishes, as well as nine interior and nine exterior color options for each window style. In addition, the Acclaim windows feature four grill styles and three grill types, such as interior wood grills, adding further customization.

Window styles

Renewal by Andersen’s style selection is comparable to that of top competitors. The brand sells the following types of windows:

  • Awning: Awning windows feature one panel of glass that opens up and outward.
  • Bay and bow: Bow and bay windows jut out from the wall line for added interior space where you can install a shelf or bench seat. 
  • Casement: Casement windows are great for areas where you want ventilation. They open by pushing one side outward and are incredibly energy-efficient. 
  • Double-hung: These are your standard home windows that raise upward and can be highly customized.
  • Picture: Picture windows maximize natural light, but they’re not operable. 
  • Sliding: Sliding windows allow you to take in the view while also opening side to side. 
  • Specialty: Renewal by Andersen installs specialty window shapes as well, including arched, circle and pentagon.  

What materials does Renewal by Andersen use?

Renewal by Andersen windows are made using its proprietary Fibrex material. The price of its windows largely depends on the window style you choose rather than its window material.

Window frames 

When we talk about window materials, we mean the window framing. Companies typically design their windows with a wooden, aluminum, composite or vinyl exterior. In Renewal by Andersen’s case, it uses its exclusive Fibrex material throughout the window frame. With its Fibrex window frames, Renewal by Andersen can provide a sturdy, low-maintenance window that exposes more glass than traditional vinyl or wooden frames.

In addition, Fibrex can handle hot temperatures without affecting its structural rigidity, meaning you can select a dark exterior finish without worrying about the frame cracking or bowing.

Window panels

Renewal by Andersen sells both double-pane and triple-pane windows. This refers to how many layers of glass panels the window design includes. The more panels, the more your window regulates temperature. 

The brand has four window glass types, including the following:

  • High-performance low-e4 glass: Renewal by Andersen recommends this glass type for hot, dry climates with little cloud cover. The glass filters out the sun’s heat, lowering cooling costs. 
  • High-performance low-e SmartSun glass with HeatLock technology: This type uses an energy-saving coating that reflects escaping heat back into the room, making your home warmer and more comfortable. 
  • High-performance triple-pane glass + SmartSun glass: Triple-pane glass is for homes in colder climates that benefit from an added layer of insulation. This glass type won Renewal by Andersen the award of Most Efficient among Energy Star-certified products in 2021.
  • High-performance low-e4 sun glass: This glass regulates temperature while blocking 95% of UV rays that can discolor artwork and furniture. 

Energy efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafty windows are responsible for nearly a third of your home’s heating and cooling energy usage. The older your windows are, the higher your monthly electricity bill is bound to be due to air leakages and thin insulation that cause your HVAC system to run more continuously. 

Renewal by Andersen has won the Energy Star Partner of the Year award nine years in a row, so you can feel confident your investment in the brand’s windows will show a return on your energy bill. The brand’s Energy Star certification means it meets efficiency requirements that block 70% or more of the solar heat in the summer and reflect heat indoors during winter. Energy Star windows also have low-e coatings that reduce fading by up to 75%. 

All certified windows and doors are independently tested and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

How much do Renewal by Andersen’s windows cost?

We surveyed 1,500 window customers in October 2023 and found that the 150 participants who had bought Renewal by Andersen windows spent between an average of $5,112 and $20,922 depending on the size of the window project. Here’s a look at customers’ investment based on how many windows they purchased:

Number of WindowsAverage Cost Including Installation

Your cost will vary depending on window type and materials, as well as your location. The best way to see what Renewal by Andersen windows will cost you is to get a personalized quote. You can use the online form on the company’s website to request a free consultation, or you can call and speak with a service representative. 

You’ll be asked for basic contact information and the number, type and size of windows you’re interested in. Calling during service hours, which are between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST during the week, may be quicker since you don’t have to wait for someone to reach out to you from the form submission.

You can get a quote virtually or over the phone, but we recommend an in-home consultation for the most accurate estimate. 

Does Renewal by Andersen offer financing options?

Renewal by Andersen accepts cash payments or can help you find financing. You can also put some cash toward your purchase and finance the rest. Financing comes with deferred payment options, no upfront fees and lines of credit up to $55,000. Your sales representative can tell you more about your financing options. According to Renewal by Andersen’s website, your rep can typically process your application in seconds. 

What is the installation process with Renewal by Andersen?

Renewal by Andersen is a full-service window provider, meaning it manufacturers, sells and installs its windows internally instead of outsourcing any aspects.

Based on our research, Renewal by Andersen’s typical window installation process consists of the following:

  1. Remeasuring windows to ensure a secure fit
  2. Laying runners throughout the home to protect flooring and covering or pushing furniture away from the installation area
  3. Removing the sealant and pieces of the old window
  4. Cleaning up the removal debris using a shop vac
  5. Installing the new window and leveling it with shims
  6. Adding fiberglass insulation around the window 
  7. Adding flashing and caulking the surrounding area
  8. Inspecting the seal and window features to ensure everything is working properly
  9. Cleaning up the area and properly disposing of your old windows

It’s helpful to consider the following when the company’s window installers arrive:

  • Be home during installation if possible, so you can ask and answer questions. 
  • Crew members will be in and out throughout the day, so make sure to secure pets and children. 
  • The installation crew may set up in your garage or place a small trailer in your driveway or on the street to cut materials as needed. 
  • Drilling, hammering and sawing will be noisy. 

What are Renewal by Andersen’s warranty options?

Renewal by Andersen’s limited warranty applies to all products and is fully transferable, meaning you can pass it on to new owners if you decide to sell your home within the warranty period. The company’s warranty coverage is comparable to similar replacement window companies. 

The warranty includes the following:

  • 20 years of coverage for all glass and Fibrex materials
  • 10 years for hardware and nonglass materials
  • 2 years for installation workmanship

See warranty specifics.

Final take: Renewal by Andersen’s quality comes with a long wait

Renewal by Andersen’s energy efficiency and warranty coverage are big selling points. We like its commitment to environmental best practices and innovative glass options that better regulate your home’s temperature and lower energy bills. However, according to customer reviews, you may be in for a wait. For example, if you’re replacing windows to soon resell your house, don’t expect a quick installation turnaround from the company. 

If you’re not in a hurry, we recommend Renewal by Andersen as a quality window provider. Per our methodology, the company earned a high score of 4.7 out of 5. You can start a project with the company by requesting a free quote. We also recommend getting quotes from a few companies to compare pricing.

Our rating methodology for window companies

Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to assess and choose a window company when updating or replacing your windows. We conducted research to thoroughly understand the window industry from both a consumer and company perspective. 

Our in-depth methodology compares window companies based on various attributes, including window options, energy efficiency, warranties, reputation, reviews, customer service, communication, installation and other services. Each attribute is worth points that add up to a possible total of 100. We then translate that score into our 5-star rating we feature in our reviews.

BBB rating is accurate as of April 2024.

Editorial note: The name “Homefront” refers to the alliance between USA TODAY and Home Solutions that publishes review, comparison, and informational articles designed to help USA TODAY readers make smarter purchasing and investment decisions about their home. Under the alliance, Homefront provides and publishes research and articles about home service and home improvement topics.

Homefront has an affiliate disclosure policy. The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Homefront editorial staff alone (see About Homefront). Homefront adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is believed to be accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

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